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Why Choose Us

Coherence Learning prides itself on being a different kind of help for students.

Inspired by teachers who have seen the ‘one size fits all’ model of teaching, we work to understand the needs of each of our students, offering only small class instruction and multiple strategies for solving problems.

College Readiness

Most of our students are college-bound with a need to have a plan. Our circular research system starts with either the score wanted to get into a certain school, or the schools available for the current score. From there we set targets, or start organizing schools by what they offer and what they require on the application. The essay portion in particular goes through the whole writing process and in-depth proofreading before it is ready to impress the admission readers.

Of note- 100% of our students increase their SAT composite score by at least 200 points within six weeks of tutoring!

Our Methodology

Building and maintaining a foundation of skills from traditional schooling to approach critical thinking, writing, and comprehension from a more advanced standpoint.

Elementary school

Development of inquisitive and independent thought beyond lower level Bloom’s Taxonomy thinking.


Middle school

Application of critical thinking skills through advanced literature and vocabulary. Students will experience


Early high school

Mastery of grammar and comprehension skills through the introduction of SAT level questions


High School & College Prep

Time Management is the key here. Bridging the comprehensive knowledge gained from a variety


Need Help?

Contact our team with any further questions. We will be happy to answer all

703-729-3599 | support@coherencelearning.com

Subject Tutoring

GPA is the most weighted part of college admittance. While strengthening our students on the Test Prep courses, we offer specific curriculum-centered classes for high school and middles schools students. The classes provide student-centered instruction in all the following subjects.

Algebra I & II


Pre-Calculus/Math Analysis

AP Calculus

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

AP Biology

Personal Finance

AP World History

AP US History

Language Arts AP Language

AP Government

What People Are Saying

Saianurag Kommuri

few weeks ago

Personalized education that works to teach you the methods to succeed. There are flexible schedules to best accommodate your needs.

Srilakshmi Ikkurthy

few weeks ago

Aman is excellent tutor and he make sure kids understand the subject thoroughly and he is very patient with them !!

Saianurag Kommuri

few weeks ago

Does a fantastic job thoroughly explaining topics and making sure the student fully comprehends the material. Terrific!

Saianurag Kommuri

few weeks ago

Makes you a better student all around, really awesome and you learn new ways to approach problems