Why Choose Us

Inspired by teachers who have seen the ‘one size fits all’ model of teaching, we work to understand the needs of each of our students, offering only small class instruction and multiple strategies for solving problems.

We redesign the education.

Coherence provides solutions based on rigorous psychological research and empirical testing to make the learning process multiple times faster and more effective in order to meet the demands of the contemporary globalized world.

We redefine the education.

To be an active participant in this new world, it is imperative for every age group to be an active learner and keep updating the knowledge and learning already acquired.

We accelerate the education

The level we make our students reach within months would otherwise take consistent hard work and years to achieve.

We enliven the education.

‘Fun' is the key element in learning. Fun is the fuel in the learning process. We put the key ingredient of fun back in the education. We put the onus of learning on ourselves rather than on student. Coherence is driven by the motto-" A student never fails. A teacher does". Coherence Learning prides itself on being a different kind of help for students.





Types of tutoring

We offer specific, curriculum-centered classes for the PSAT, SATs, high school essay writing, and AOS/AET admittance, as well as student-centered instruction in almost every course offered in middle and high school.