Inculcate inquisitive perspective

Exposure to a variety of topics both in literature and current culture in order to form their own opinions about certain actions and character actions.


Building and maintaining a foundation of skills from traditional schooling to approach critical thinking, writing, and comprehension from a more advanced standpoint.

Our methodology

Our methodology works because our students are all different and learn differently. We combine proven strategies with explanations that suit multiple styles of learning.

Meet Our Team

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Amanda Seylon


Laura Mark


Lusiana James




Our Goal

Any child who wants to excel should be allowed to. While some students are only 100 points from their target, other are 100s, and Coherence can bridge any gap in a test or class to give our students the success they deserve for the hard work they put in. We want to give each of our students the opportunity to have options in their academic career; no academy or university’s doors are closed to them.

What our Students say about us?